A Report from CAGOP’s Burlingame, CA Convention, May 17-19, 2024

By: California MAGA

Given the failures in the California Republican Party (CAGOP), a group of us known as "California MAGA " submitted a dozen resolutions backing Donald J. Trump's “Agenda 47” – as well as the specifics contained within those policy videos – and outflanked the status-quo. While there were attempts to stop us and to squash the enthusiasm, their opposition only inflamed the support for Trump and our commitment to rescue our nation.

At the Resolution Committee hearings there was clear tension. Yet because of our public insistence on Trump's program during the last three conventions, overt opposition had already broken down as futile. The first resolution submitted by Mindy Pechenuk was quickly approved, and was then further amended to list some of the great topics that Donald J. Trump has put forward in his Agenda 47.

The tension was then shifted to our repeated emphasis, not just on the policy, but on the person responsible for that policy, Donald J. Trump. So six out of the next eleven resolutions passed, but were amended by removing "Trump’s Agenda 47" from the title. For those that do not know, Trump's “Agenda 47" is a series of videos by Trump personally which address the core of Trump's policy program – a program that directly contradicts the GOP's moral bankruptcy after decades of failures in every major area of national concern. The committee argued, in this case, that "Trump's Agenda 47" was already in the first resolution, so it need not be repeated. The old guard still does not understand that we need both a change in leadership, and, we need a revolution in policy to rebuild our nation. But regardless of these nominal changes, Trump’s takeover and the growing support for his “Agenda 47” was, and is undeniable. The additional resolutions which passed emphasized Trump’s policies to protect children, end the drugs epidemic, celebrate America’s 250th birthday, oppose climate extremism, and condemn the lawfare used against Trump and other patriotic Americans.

We were also able to create convention-wide discussions on Sunday, May 19th at the plenary session, where we were able to bring up the resolutions that did not pass, and educate every delegate on Donald J. Trump's “Agenda 47.” These discussions included our resolutions on preventing the breakout of WWIII in Ukraine, on protecting free speech, and on addressing the threat of hyperinflation.

California, (of all places!), is taking the lead on guiding our policies back to peace and prosperity for all Americans. Let this be a living example to the rest of the nation that we have sounded the trumpet of victory, and we will not stop till Trump is in the White House, and we have restored the nation to its founding principles of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Let this victory for President Trump's “Agenda 47” here in California serve as a shot heard ‘round the nation, and one which will echo throughout the world in November.

Below is the first resolution. The link below is to all the resolutions.

Resolution #1: Supporting President Trump’s Agenda 47 Submitted by: Mindy Pechenuk Committee Action: APPROVED AS AMENDED

WHEREAS, the Agenda 47 short videos produced by President Donald Trump’s campaign and posted on his website detail powerful, optimistic policy solutions on energy, education, health care, restoring justice in the justice department, opposing government censorship, fighting drug trafficking, crime and homelessness, increasing border security, trade, strengthening working families, expanding the space program, implementing defensive missile systems, and preventing World War III; and

WHEREAS, these Agenda 47 policy solutions are designed by President Trump to put the RNC and CRP platforms into policies that work for everyday Americans, instead of lobbyists, and unelected bureaucrats; restoring government of, for and by the people; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Republican Party, fully supports President Trump’s visionary Agenda 47 with its confident, hope-filled solutions for Making American Great Again;

All Resolutions (PDF)