We changed our name from LaRouche PAC to Promethean PAC because we wanted a new name that exemplified a potent love of mankind and an accompanying devotion to mankind's unique creativity and ability to shape and build a future for our children much, much better than the place we are today. We are former associates of Lyndon LaRouche and will continue to fight for his ideas in all of our campaigns. Prometheus gave mankind fire, forethought and hope, transforming them from the bestial condition in which Zeus wanted them to permanently remain. He did so defiantly, knowing that the laws of creation ultimately would support his act, no matter how Zeus chose what would be a very certain brutal punishment.

This year's election is one which will shape all of our futures for decades to come. We have endorsed Donald Trump and we will use every bit of what talent and energy we have ensuring that he wins, and by the type of large margins which give him the ability to govern. He also needs a House and a Senate where the Uniparty's corrupted cowards are driven from the ranks.  Unlike other times, the plans of our enemy are very clear. They hope to imprison Trump before the election, terrify his voters and manufacture non-existent votes, and, if that doesn't work, elect a House which will attempt to unseat him based on his criminal convictions.  

We intend to politically educate voters, Democrats, Republicans, independents, in critical districts both about why they should support Trump and why, if appropriate, their current Senator or Representative just doesn't cut it in terms of this nation's future.  We will target the politicians who have sold us out and run campaigns to defeat them. We will do so with the courage and fire shown by Prometheus, not in the limp, ridiculous way Republicans in the recent period have functioned. That's what we intend, and we hope you will join us.