Revolt Against Globalist Uniparty Fascism at Washington State Republican Convention 

A few days ago, I received a report from a friend who attended the Washington State Republican Convention, April 19-20, in Spokane, WA.  What follows are some of my friend’s descriptions of the circumstances surrounding what occurred and its significance.

In a State where open borders, climate fraud, LGBTQ genuflection, and equity guilt confessions are the state religion, the MAGA takeover of the notorious “go-along” Washington State Republican party last week in Spokane, marked a profound change. It may be a harbinger of what is to come in other globalist-occupied areas of our nation.

It was facilitated by a plan to improve Republican electoral chances by narrowing the field to only one Republican candidate prior to the May filing date, to avoid splitting the Republican vote in the August “jungle primary.” To do this, an endorsement process was established for the same quadrennial State Convention which also includes the caucus process that picks the delegates to the Republican National Convention.  All candidates seeking the endorsement had to sign a pledge on whether or not they would drop out, by not filing, if they were not endorsed.  

This situation then made the electoral battle between Haley, DeSantis, and Trump, also a battle to stack the delegates for the hotly-contested endorsement race for governor. That race pitted the complete outsider, the very charismatic, highly decorated African American veteran, Semi Bird, versus the go-along legacy candidacy of former King County Sheriff and seven-term Congressman, Dave Reichert.  In this race, the grassroots are mostly with Trump and Bird, while the legacy party has used smear campaigns and over two million dollars to stop Bird’s rise–which has only made him more popular.

On the night before the convention opened, the candidate-vetting committee decided to disqualify Bird on an ancient criminal record, to prevent the impact of the overwhelming endorsement he would otherwise get. When the committee announced the cancellation of the endorsement vote, the convention erupted.  Bird supporters had no problem in suspending the rules with an over two-thirds vote, reinstating the endorsement election–which Bird won with 72%.  His opponent Dave Reichert, who had refused to attend, accused the Party of being “deceitful,” “chaotic,” and “broken.” This calculated statement by the anti-Trump Dave Reichert has split the legacy party into those who will choose their political futures by going over to Trump, and eventually to Bird–and those who will cling to their past as the the “go-along” controlled opposition to the corrupt globalists, leftists, and fascists that run Washington State and the Democratic Party.  The most important point here is that it is the legacy party that is splitting–not the grassroots.

My friend believes this is irreversible and will grow in intensity towards the general election–and that the convention in Spokane is a turning point in the political history of Washington State.