(1). The Republican Party is in a civil war, with those loyal to Donald Trump being attacked in many places by the extant UniParty loyalists.

(2). There is no machinery within the Republican Party currently which can organize the disaffected trade unionists, black and Hispanic minorities, young people, who must come on board if the vote for Trump is going to be too big to rig.

(3). Donald Trump is stuck in a Manhattan courtroom for the coming weeks and then they will try to put him in other countrooms so that he cannot campaign. His funding is being eaten alive by legal fees and bogus court judgments. The Democrats, on the other hand, are out there with millions of dollars from Soros, millions of dollars from Silicon Valley, and millions of dollars from Wall Street’s banks, asset managers, and hedge funds, while the national news media defames Trump 24x7. All of them are desperately threatened by the fact that the population supports Trump.

The Democratic Party and the Biden campaign have offices in all the battlegrounds. The Republican state party apparatus reports, in state after state, that their coffers are bare. Even if they had money, you would not want to trust them with their proven losing record and their tired establishment playbook.

(4). We need to do what the enemy doesn’t expect. Their entire operation hinges on profiling a population based on reactions to previous stimuli. We must do what they cannot do: Awaken in citizens the knowledge that we have power, and embolden them to take responsibility for building and organizing whole new layers of Trump supporters and getting them to the polls—making this a self-conscious, full on movement which builds and builds. That is a movement which isn’t accounted for in all their profiling and plans. 

That’s what The Pledge is about.

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